Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Better Managers Blog Hits 20,000+ Views

New press release for Red Book Solutions. This is a great achievement for the Better Managers Blog team!

Red Book Solution's highly rated management blog, The Better Managers Blog, tops more than 20,000 views since starting just one year ago.

Englewood, CO (PRWEB) May 23, 2012
Red Book Solutions, the nationwide resource for performance playbooks and management tools for multi-unit locations, is excited to announce that their blog, titled The Better Managers Blog, has reached more than 20,000 views since launching last year. The blog has become a resource for managers from chain locations to department heads across the country through a variety of content geared to make good managers better. And in early 2012, MBA Online named the Better Managers blog the number one blog for managers.

“What’s amazing about Red Book is the amount of information we collect to keep ourselves current and fresh to maintain our position as the leading resource in management tools,” affirms Shiloh Kelly, Vice President of Marketing at Red Book Solutions. “We figured why not share that expertise and knowledge in a public forum that would aide the entire management community to not only increase performance but gain insights to make their every day life as managers a bit easier. Thus we created the Better Managers Blog and many other resources.”

The Better Managers blog focuses on trending topics like habits and discipline, work flow, multi-tasking, information overload and a host of other hot topics for managers at every level. Each blog contains a personal story that ties into the daily trials and tribulations every manager can relate to. “I think the blog has been so successful because it’s real stories and real advice. There are so many blogs out there competing by republishing old content, we never do that. Everything we post is well researched and comes from an educated perspective on the topic,” said Danielle Lafontaine, Marketing Communications Manager at Red Book Solutions.

Recent popular blog posts include: “Fuel Your Top Performer, Don’t Use Them to Empty” which is about continuing to reward and appreciate your top performing employees and managers, “Clear and Concise Communication Provides Great Clarity” which explains effective communication techniques for the workplace and “Stand Back I’m Flipping My Sign Here” which is a funny euphemism for knowing your competition and standing up for your commitment to excellence.

Often guest bloggers weigh in on the Better Managers blog as well offering a fresh perspective alongside the many in-house bloggers at Red Book Solutions which includes CEO Greg Thiesen, HR Manager Nancy Lane and the President of B2A Consulting Debra Koenig. “The guts of the blog come from real manager concerns we hear, who are doing their best to improve themselves every day in different ways,” said Shiloh Kelly. Check out the Better Managers blog each Wednesday at

About Red Book Solutions
After two decades, Red Book Solutions remains the nations premiere provider of management planners for top brands like McDonalds, Game Stop, and Choice Hotels. The mission is to make good managers better by helping managers live the standards they know must be met everyday in order to achieve the company’s vision and mission. Red Book Solutions management tools deliver on this through their on-going diligence in keeping products up-to-date and evolving to meet the clients changing needs.

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