Saturday, July 2, 2016

Building a Brand- Assets, Personality, Icons & More

When I approach creating a brand that customers can get behind I start with developing a customer persona that tells me how our brand can communicate effectively with its intended audience, and then I create all the elements to make the brand come alive. These often include the language the brand will use to communicate through various channels, the graphics and how we will translate our branding across the web, print, trade shows, sales collateral and beyond. For Singular Payments, LLC we battle the industry itself because consumers are already trained to not trust payment processors - we have a bad reputation. So to overcome that we created 'Singular Sam' who is our 'Savvy Saver' and he delivers the message of honestly, integrity, consistency and trust to our customers. Here are some of the many brand-building elements I built for Singular Payments. Visit SINGULARPAYMENTS.COM to read through our Merchant Education section which includes press releases, blogs, scam alerts and more!

New Overview Video/ BillPAY product video - Wrote the script/ directed the animation sequences

Introducing 'Singular Sam' - Every business owner's payment processing advocate.

Sales Collateral - Reiterating our values and reinforcing our brand promise every step of the sales process.

Custom Icons - Represent industries we serve, products we offer, Etc.


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